Please vote

Please vote.
This General Election is another opportunity to influence the city’s future.

In the 2017 General Election, as the city enjoyed its year as UK City of Culture, Hull also grabbed the headlines being the city with the poorest voter turnout.

Across the UK, the average voter turnout was 69%, but in Hull only 57% of people eligible and registered to vote actually exercised their right. Of the UK’s 63 largest towns and cities, those with a population of over 135,000 people, Hull ranked 63rd for voter turnout.

In this General Election we have another opportunity to influence the city’s future.

HULL IS THIS has now been reporting on developments in the city for over a year. We’ve published almost 900 articles illustrating how the city is tackling issues head-on, how entrepreneurs are creating jobs and boosting the economy, how the arts continue to encourage audiences and tourism, how schools and training providers are equipping people with skills for the city’s future, how our local health services care and innovate.

The city of Hull is a vibrant place in which to live, to work, and to visit.

Casting a vote is arguably the most empowering action any citizen can take, it gives us all an opportunity to influence our immediate and longer-term future.

Your vote for your chosen candidate is your say on the city’s economy, its residents’ health and education, the city’s ability to cope with the predicted impact of climate change, and its place in the UK and beyond.

Whatever your opinion on any matter, your vote counts to the future of the city.

Let’s not lag behind, in apathy or disillusionment.

Be empowered. Have your say.

Please vote.

[Jerome Whittingham, Editor, HULL IS THIS]

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