8 metre floating lighthouse lands in Prince’s Dock ahead of captivating three-day event

Prince's Dock: Oracle - Weather Tower being installed.
Prince’s Dock: Oracle – Weather Tower being installed.

An 8 metre tall floating lighthouse has landed in Prince’s Dock ahead of Navigate, a captivating three-day sound and light event opening in Hull city centre this Thursday (30 January).

The lighthouse, Oracle, will float in the dock and show the superstitions and importance placed on the weather and what it holds for the fortunes of those venturing to sea.

It was was put together on Monday before being carefully lifted into the water today.

Linked wirelessly to meteorological sensors, it takes real-time readings of wind speed, humidity, pressure, temperature and rain. Each of these parameters then creates a dynamic weather visualisation played onto the tower using sound, light and lasers.

Once every 15 minutes, the Oracle will contact the Met Office and display a weather omen foretelling predictions for the forthcoming hour with a dynamic audio-visual performance.

It is part of Navigate, a three-day light and sound event taking place from Thursday 30 January until Saturday 1 February.

Oracle will remain in Prince’s Dock for six weeks following Navigate.

[Michael Berriman – Hull City Council]