A lullaby and a special festival surprise for Hull’s suburbs

This weekend, for the first time in 13 years, Hull’s city centre isn’t filled with crowds of people eagerly awaiting performances at Freedom Festival, the annual international outdoor arts festival. That doesn’t mean the Freedom team, and their arts partners, aren’t going to be seen by audiences though!

Back to Ours cyclists bring Lullaby, by artist Luke Jerram, to the city’s suburbs during Freedom Festival. Photo: Tom Arran.

Unable to host the awe-inspiring city-centre events audiences have come to expect from the festival, the production team and partners are surprising residents over three nights, bringing an element of wonder as Luke Jerram’s sound illuminated artwork Lullaby hits the suburbs at dusk! 

Last night, music could be heard drifting down east Hull streets, and a shoal of twinkling lights seen in the distance, getting closer as a mass of illuminated bikes producing the most ambient and serene music passed by the houses, surprising residents who looked out of windows or stood on their doorsteps.  

Lullaby will be heading out into the city again Saturday and Sunday evenings.

Lullaby, by Luke Jerram. Photo: Tom Arran.

Lullaby is the first artwork Luke Jerram has made specifically for young children. As a parent, he is particularly aware that a child’s bedtime is a very special and fragile time of day. Lullaby is a gift to a city, a surround sound illuminated artwork, created by its own citizens and delivered at dusk, to the public’s door.

When the suburban streets are quiet and empty, a young family await the Lullaby to pass by their home. Music can be heard drifting down the streets and a shoal of twinkling lights is seen in the distance, getting closer. Only as the mass of illuminated bikes pass their house do they realise that the music is coming from the speakers attached to dozens of decorated bikes producing the most ambient and serene music. 

Delivered in partnership with Back To Ours, famed for bringing exceptional public art right to your doorstep.

Website: Freedom Festival

[Laura Andrew – edited Jerome Whittingham – for Freedom Festival Arts Trust]