Author’s new novel finds its place in the book chart

Author Val Wood

Best selling author Val Wood has stormed the book chart this week with her latest title, A Place to Call Home, which sold almost 10,000 copies in its first week of release.

The book, based in Hull’s industrial area, Wincolmlee tells the story of communities pulling together during a time of great hardship in the 19th Century. The chart position marks a double celebration for Val as the news comes during her 25th anniversary as an author and marks her 24th book published by Transworld.

Throughout her career Val has included the history of Hull and many towns and villages of the East Riding, setting her works of fiction amidst real locations and circumstances of her chosen time period. Research is integral to Val’s work and it is the authenticity of the settings that Val believes attribute to the success of her novels.

Val said: “I have always been inspired by Hull and its surrounding areas. Occasionally I will spot a location and research its history to get a sense of exactly how things were during that time and I then try to convey that period within my writing to make it authentic. I have a very loyal group of readers in Hull who know a great deal about the area so it’s of the utmost importance that I get it right.”

Val’s books are not just popular locally as she has a strong readership throughout the country and beyond and has been named as one of the most loaned authors in the UK’s libraries.

“It brings me real pleasure to know that through my work I am bringing our city to people who have perhaps never been here before and I feel a responsibility through my characters to capture the essence of Hull people and show what a great community we have here. It was particularly important to me with A Place to Call Home as I wrote it during a very divisive period and I found hope through my research as I was able to read fascinating accounts of how welcoming Hull has been to immigrants and I wanted capture the essence of that, using the Polish community as an example and to offer a heartening antidote to the current uneasy climate.”

The theme of local and Polish communities harmoniously working together has struck a chord with many readers and the proof is in the sales, showing that there is a great demand for heartwarming stories of hope and friendship.

A Place to Call Home is published through Transworld.

[Jess Clark – Divine Clark PR]