Back to Bransholme lights up community spirit on thrilling opening night

Back to Bransholme is a ‘1940’s punk-pop circus opera’ and takes place in the car park nearest Wilko, outside North Point Shopping Centre. Photo: Jerome Whittingham @photomoments.

On Saturday evening the Back to Ours team, and a community cast of dozens of actors, singers, acrobats, and performers, lit up the sky and community spirit as ‘Back to Bransholme’ played its opening night.

Running from Saturday 26 to Tuesday 29 October, starting at 8pm each evening, the free outdoor show is being described as a ‘1940’s punk-pop circus opera’ and takes place in the car park nearest Wilko, outside North Point Shopping Centre. The show lasts for one hour.

Back to Bransholme has been entirely devised, produced and directed by the Back to Ours team, born out of stories of a ghostly airman seen by locals in the Centre, the previous site of RAF Sutton upon Hull. It spans seventy decades of love, loss and laughter in an hour of entertainment for all the family. 

Back to Bransholme, the opera singers. Photos: Jerome Whittingham @photomoments

Back to Ours Director Louise Yates says:

“We’re always up at Bransholme talking to people, and this story of the ghost of an airman kept coming up. We knew straight away there was a story to be told. 

“But we’re Back to Ours, aren’t we? So we’re mixing it all up with a pinch of punk, a dose of opera, a load of circus, dance, live music and a huge cast. It’s something completely new and ambitious, and we’re inviting people to get their big coats on and huddle up for a love story through the decades.

“It’s a celebration, part tragedy, part comedy – you’ll come away from it feeling uplifted and a bit emotional about what you’ve experienced.”

Back to Bransholme has been entirely devised, produced and directed by the Back to Ours team. Photo: Jerome Whittingham @photomoments

What visitors need to know 

What is it? Back to Bransholme is a new, outdoor show written, produced and directed by Back to Ours. It’s got circus performers in the air, live music, lights, opera, punk, poetry and more – but we don’t want to give it all away before you’ve seen it! The story comes from tales of a ghostly airman who’s been seen in and around North Point. Woven into the story of a young punk couple in the 1980’s, it spans seventy years of the heart and history of Bransholme.

Incredible performers from Lost in Translation Circus are part of the cast of Back to Bransholme. Photo: Jerome Whittingham @photomoments

When is it? Back to Bransholme will run from Saturday 26 to Tuesday 29 October, 8-9pm, and is free and unticketed. Just turn up!

Who’s it for? Back to Bransholme is suitable for all the family. 

Where is it? At North Point Shopping Centre, in the car park (Wilko’s end).

Can I bring my pet? No; it’ll be really busy and not suitable for animals.

Can I bring the kids then? 100%. Back to Bransholme is a show for all the family (apart from the animals), so bring everyone down to enjoy it.

How do I get there? Hopefully you’ll just be able to walk over to the Centre, but you can also drive and park in the back car park (Fordyke end).

Stagecoach operate buses in the area, and you can check the bus timetables at

Will I be able to get to the Healthcare Centre while the show’s on? Yes, you’ll be able to get to the Healthcare Centre as normal, but access will be via Holwell Road. There’ll be a barrier and a member of staff to direct traffic.

What should I wear? Get your winter woolies on! It’s October, but at least if you wear layers you can take them off if you start to get mafting.

Dress for all weathers, but no brollies please!

Is there food and drink? There’ll be no specific food and drink available on site, but the takeaways around North Point will be serving food as usual.

Is there seating? No, the show will be standing only. If you require a seat, please contact us on or 07973 387 198.

What access provisions will there be?  There’ll be a welcome area for all access needs and support, and you’ll be able to go here for BSL interpretation, audio description and large print scripts every night of the show. There will also be volunteers to support any other concerns. The show is in the car park at night, with stage lights, fireworks and loud music. There will be no strobe lighting. The car park is an open space, and the performers will be in the car park moving around the audience. You’ll be able to stand as close to or as far from the action and audience as you wish. We like to discuss access needs on an individual basis so we know we’re giving the best possible advice, so please contact, or call the Back to Bransholme hotline on 07973 387 198.

The narrator is a right punk, Back to Bransholme. Photo: Jerome Whittingham @photomoments

Will North Point be open as usual? Yes, the usual North Point opening hours will remain the same.

Will it be noisy? There’ll be some noises you wouldn’t normally hear – i.e., singing, music, sound effects – but these will be confined to the hour performance time per evening. There will also be some rehearsals leading up to the shows, but there’ll be no amplified noises after 10pm. There’ll also be some rehearsals leading up to the show where you’ll hear some noise – if you’re affected and want to talk to the team, please contact the Back to Bransholme hotline on 07973 387 198.   

Is there strobe lighting? No, we won’t be using strobe lighting, but there will be lighting effects used in the show.

Can I take photos and film the show? Yes, we want you to enjoy the performance and the story, but please – no flash photography for the safety of our performers.

Website: Back to Ours

[Christina Lewis – Back to Ours]

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