Behind the scenes of the Orchard Park Monster Extraction revealed in film

Orchard Park was the setting for a very unusual hunt in April, as people joined the Monster Extraction Team to help clear some of the ‘Critical Monster Mass’ that’s been slowly growing across the estate.

Now, in this exclusive behind the scenes film, produced by Nova Studios for Back To Ours, the story of Monster Extraction is revealed.

“Nova Studios took their lives in their hands to join us for an evening of Monster Extraction back in April. What did they see? Who did they meet? Where did the monsters come from? Watch this film to find out,” says Chrissie Lewis, Back To Ours.

Lead artist Peter Snelling of My Pockets explained: 

‘The concept was about bad feelings and emotions creating monsters. 

‘Brothers falling out, a young girl with no confidence, being told your work isn’t up to scratch – any conflict, big or small, creates monsters. 

‘Once a monster’s been created, it hides in the nearest object. There’s millions of them, watching us, but all they want is to be set free.’

This is the story of how those monsters were released.

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Monster Extraction, by My Pockets, for Back To Ours. Photo: Jerome Whittingham, @photomoments