Carlson Gracie now offers coaching in schools

After building a successful club in Bransholme, Carlson Gracie Hull has decided to make its sport even more accessible to children by providing coaching services in schools.

Kids and Women’s Coach, Julia Scardone, says: “We had a great response pre-pandemic and had lots of schools booked on. Unfortunately, Covid hit us in March 2019, which put a pause in our plans. 

“Due to our sport being of close contact, understandably we had to adapt to government guidelines and this stopped us from being able to start this project. 

“However, children are now allowed full contact sports and we are ready to start booking ourselves into schools again! We are looking into booking schools ready to start from November 2021.

“We are very excited to be able to provide this option for children who may not be able to travel to us for whatever reason. We are even more excited than the children who enjoy it so much and decide that they would like to also be part of our club outside their school hours. 

“We are keen on offering the absolute best of the best in terms of coaches passing on our knowledge.”

Julia was involved in the sport herself at school when she was five years old and decided to progress further in her local club. She eventually went on to have an International Judo career, where she represented and gained medals for Great Britain. 

“At Carlson Gracie Hull, we are keen on an individual approach and want to hear from schools themselves what aspects they would like us to focus on when we are teaching our Martial Arts. 

“We focus on on discipline, respect, team work, friendship, sportsmanship and much more that our sports can teach children.

“We are very passionate and humbly believe that our sports can help children’s confidence in ways that many other activities may not, and we would like to make those sports more and more available and accessible to all.” 

Schools can get in touch at

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