Crafting group wants your Postcards from Hull

Example of a Postcard from Hull, by Janet Adamson
Example of a Postcard from Hull, by Janet Adamson.

Hull-based community craft group #WeMadeThis, of Christmas Trees and flower garland fame, had it all worked out. Their next project, Postcards from Hull, was going to be a ‘travelling exhibition that grows as it goes’, built around their monthly Maker Days. Then Covid-19 happened.

Of course, they could have just shrugged, sighed and postponed the project indefinitely, but that is not the #WeMadeThis way. Instead they have tweaked the concept to turn a travelling exhibition into a virtual one.

Miranda van Rossum, coordinator, explains: “We decided to capitalise on the fact that we already have a strong online community, by setting up a separate Facebook group where people can upload their finished postcards, as well as view and comment on those of other participants – an Online Community Exhibition Space, if you like. This approach not only ensures continuity of our projects, but will also hopefully make a small contribution to combatting the social isolation that some of our makers might be experiencing under the current circumstances.”

A full brief for the project can be found on the #WeMadeThis website:

Also, in the Postcards from Hull Facebook group:

Miranda continued: “Basically, it’s as simple as make a Hull-themed postcard, take a photo, pop it in the Facebook group, and we’ll add it to our online exhibition, both on Facebook and on our website.”

The group chose to use Facebook as their main community space, as experience shows that that is the social medium most frequently used by their makers. However, anyone not on Facebook can still take part:

  • If you’re on twitter, tag @wemadethishull in your tweet and use #PostcardsFromHull
  • You can email your postcard to
  • A postal address is available on request.

#WeMadeThis will then make sure that your card is added to the online exhibition.

The group still hopes to finish off the project with an exhibition ‘in the real world’ later in the year – provisional arrangements have been made with Hull Truck Theatre for a three-week stint at the end of September / early October.

For now, they would like to encourage you to get crafting, get online and stay connected, and send them a Postcard from Hull.

[Miranda van Rossum – #WeMadeThis]

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