Creative Infusions in the UK City of Culture

Rhiannon Amy Evans, Creative Infusions

A gifted Welsh lady, Rhiannon Amy Evans, who is an MRes student University of Hull has returned to Hull after a ten year gap to soak up the creative atmosphere from the legacy of the City of Culture to aid her business and to help it flourish.

The talented Private Music tutor (just one strand to her creative arts business ‘Creative Infusions’ ) has a rapidly growing client list for her multi-faceted business.

Working from her flat on the Avenues Rhiannon, known as ‘Nonnie’ to her clients, has learnt how to successfully manage a long-term invisible illness knows as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. 

Her zest for life has been restored since moving back to Hull through being self-employed and researching at the University, helping her turn her back on what was at one point a debilitating illness. 

But what is it that is behind her success, in business and her new manageable lifestyle?

She answered, “I’ve been teaching for quite a number of years and I know how to work with clients individual tastes and styles in music as well as engaging with their differing personalities. 

“Every person is unique, therefore my lessons are gaged solely around an individual and us working together for their enjoyment and musical improvement. 

“This alone inspires me to continue teaching as I can encourage and develop confidence in clients which, when they achieve, is theirs and my reward.

She continued: “I am classically trained in terms of piano, singing and clarinet but I am a rock singer at heart, and I have belonged to a number of jazz bands and orchestras, including having the opportunity to tour to Austria. 

“In the past I have also been lucky enough to work back stage in performance skills on Broadway New York.”

However, this enigmatic lady has had to adapt herself to overcome her illness.

She commented: “I’ve always been walking beside the horse as it were, but now I’m very much back in the saddle even though I suffer with extreme fatigue and chronic pain.” 

With much thanks to her music and other creative strands to her business; acrylic painting, writing poetry and children’s book, seasonal crafting and making wedding cakes, her business is thoroughly thriving.

She said: “I find music and doing creative things helps me cope with pain. I am a lot better that I was seven years ago. My drive for self-improvement was to consider, ‘ O.K, what am I going to do to get better and for my future? 

“As odd as it sounds, my answer was to study Viking Mythology and return to Hull. This became a dream and a passion of mine. 

“My second question to myself was, ‘ how am I going to support myself financially?, As my background was in higher level management and as a trained Psychotherapist. My answer to this was to home in on all of my creative skills and to fall back on my teaching and musical abilities.’

Being able to achieve both dreams has been overwhelming for Rhiannon but the decision to move back to Hull was a very easy one for her on two fronts; Hull’s title as UK City of Culture and an old familiarity with a friendly city both played parts on her decision to return.

“I am naturally highly curious, some might say nosey, and I wanted to see just how much the City of Culture had changed Hull and how it was regenerating.

“My creative business, I think fits with Hull more than it might have done years ago prior to the City of Culture tag, and with its friendly atmosphere, I hope to continue fitting into a city that I am coming to call home.’

So how is recovery going from her illness in relation to her business going now?

“I will have days when I can’t go out much but during that time I will be teaching. I am certainly at my best right now, thanks to being able to do something productive while I’m at home.

“My next aim, is to get rid of this illness altogether and I am already taking positive steps towards this.” 

Although most of her studies are home based, Rhiannon is now able to travel around again with work.

“I do travel quite a bit to conferences, especially coming up over this summer up and down the U.K, but I also have opportunities to travel further afield. 

“There is a possibility of me attending an International Medieval Conference in Kalamazoo, Michigan next springtime.

“That will be another challenge for me to overcome as I haven’t been on a plane since becoming ill. It’s usually small steps I have to take but going on a plane to USA is a giant move forward and another dream coming true!

What message would you like to send out to the people of Hull?

“If you are thinking of playing an instrument or of voice coaching get in touch! 

“Through music I will give you a voice, because there is a difference between just playing an instrument and being able to make it sing’

Anyone wishing to contact Nonnie can email her at or go to her Private Music Tutoring page on Facebook: @MusicTutorCreativeInfusions

[Ian Judson]

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