Designer’s obsession with list-making leads to new product launch

One designer’s obsession with lists has led to the creation
of a unique tool to help everyone make better decisions.

A new product developed by a Hull startup has launched that aims to change the way people think about their day-to-day activities, in a bid to help them lead happier, more productive lives.

Reflections is the first release from Projective Design, a new startup based in Hull. It simplifies the reflective process for people through bold, minimalist design so that anyone can engage with it, regardless of age or background.

The concept for Reflections came about in late 2019 while founder Joe Birjoo was in the process of developing a completely separate product intended to be ‘the ultimate to-do list’. He wanted to quickly and easily document the ups and downs of each day’s work, but found that there wasn’t an off-the-shelf solution readily available that was satisfying enough to use.

So he decided to design one himself.

“During the research and development stage, it became obvious that there were many more uses for it beyond project management,” said Jo. “There were really compelling reasons for using it in education, professional development, creative projects and personal wellbeing”.

The Reflections journal in use.
The Reflections journal in use.

After a soft launch earlier in the year garnered overwhelmingly positive reviews, Projective Design has partnered with local bookbinders Fisk Printers to bring the product to market.

Reflections is available now, exclusively through Black Tree Publishing.

Projective Design is a new startup in Hull with a simple approach to product design: make things that make things better. Founded by Joe Birjoo, the business develops and creates products that are elegant, easy-to-use and bring joy to people’s lives.

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[Joe Birjoo – Projective Design]

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