Don’t wait – seek help at the first sign of a winter illness

Stay well this winter.

Local health leaders are encouraging people to seek help at the first signs of a winter illness.

From colds to the flu and stomach bugs – many ailments are common in the colder months. It’s important for people to care for their health and make sure they don’t let these illnesses take hold.

Dr Dan Roper, chair of the CCG said,

“You can visit a pharmacist at the first sign of feeling unwell. They are clinically trained and can offer advice on a wide range of common ailments, helping you to tackle a winter bug before it talks hold or gets any worse.

“It’s particularly important for people living with an existing long-term health condition to take care of themselves as some common ailments can develop, leading to further complications and even hospitalisation.

“In many cases over-the-counter medications, coupled with warmth and rest, will help to stave off the worst effects of most coughs and colds.”

In Hull the NHS offers a Minor Ailment Scheme for anyone who does not pay prescription charges, including children under 16. After you speak to the pharmacist, you may be able to receive medicines free of charge or without needing an appointment with your doctor.

The Minor Ailment Scheme covers many different common illnesses, including: coughs, colds, diarrhoea, allergic reactions, sore throats and many more. Find out more here:

If you’re unsure or need advice, you can also call NHS 111 who will take some information about your symptoms and advise you on the best course of action.

Find out more about how to stay healthy over winter at:

[NHS Hull Clinical Commissioning Group]