Dyslexia: Day to Day

In a series of features marking Dyslexia Awareness Month, HULL IS THIS has partnered with Creative Briefs to explore how dyslexic people think differently and often excel at creative activities.

Throughout October we’ll be looking at how dyslexia impacts upon emotions, education, employability, and entrepreneurship.

In this first feature Josh, 17, shares insight into the challenges and gifts that his dyslexia presents.

Video: 4 minutes

Dyslexia Day to Day, a film for Creative Briefs produced by Jerome Whittingham @photomoments.

Josh said:

“Dyslexia also gives us the gift of being excellent problem-solvers. Many employers would prefer to hire someone specifically with dyslexia.

“A lot of crazy, wild ideas come into my mind, because a gift of dyslexia is creativity.

“Everyone has resilience in some way. Dyslexic people have to be more resilient than others, as we have more obstacles to overcome. 

“Obstacles are thrown at me. I’m going to hop over them, get around them, push them out of the way.

“I just think today’s going to be good, and I know it will.”

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[Produced and filmed by Jerome Whittingham @photomoments]

Commissioned by Creative Briefs.