Dyslexia Sparks to offer free support during Dyslexia Week

A series of free online support sessions for dyslexic children and their parents is being delivered by Hull and East Yorkshire charity Dyslexia Sparks throughout Dyslexia Week (5th to 11th October).

Dyslexia Sparks
Dyslexia Sparks.

Free advice, training, and support will be offered online across a range of areas to help dyslexic children and their parents/carers. Delivered as a series of online workshops and webinars ‘Sparks Support Online Series’ will cover topics including how to spot the signs of dyslexia, mental wellbeing, technology-assisted learning, study skills and how to help your dyslexic child with reading and spelling at home.

Dyslexia Sparks, Hull and East Yorkshire’s only registered charity for dyslexia, delivers specialist tuition and diagnostic dyslexia assessments for adults and children in the Hull and East Yorkshire region. As a registered charity, Dyslexia Sparks can provide financial support to eligible households in Hull and East Riding of Yorkshire to help with the cost of specialist tuition and diagnostic dyslexia assessments.

The charity also provides free advice, support and guidance to dyslexic individuals and their families and promotes awareness and understanding of dyslexia. The Sparks Support Online Series is part of the charity’s involvement in the national and international dyslexia awareness campaigns that are running this October.

Jane Craig, Founding Director, Dyslexia Sparks, said: “We’re joining a special focus on the strengths and challenges that dyslexia creates as part of national Dyslexia Week (5th to 11th October). Our vision is for a world where dyslexic individuals are valued and celebrated for what they have to offer. We recognise the unique qualities that dyslexic minds can possess such as strong creativity and problem-solving skills. But we’re also aware of the challenges and inequalities that dyslexia can create. Our Sparks Support Online Series is just one of the ways we are working towards to supporting dyslexic individuals of all ages to reach their full potential.”

At least one support session a day will be run by the charity throughout Dyslexia Week. The events are free but ticketed and need to be booked in advance. The full programme and booking details can be found on Dyslexia Sparks’ Eventbrite page . Further details can also be found on the charity’s Facebook page.

Further information on the charity is available at www.dyslexia-sparks.org.uk and by contacting the organisation direct on 01482 234856 and office@dyslexia-sparks.org.uk

[Nic Markham – Dyslexia Sparks]