Editor’s Blog June 2019

You know? Sometimes you get to that point when you have to take proceedings to the next phase.

Hull Is This has been followed by some quite influential names. They know, and understand, that this type of journalism is rocking boats. Blimey, the editor has enjoyed some good conversations of late, some of which you might have listened to on our podcast stream – mostly formerly ministers in Her Majesty’s Gov, lol.

Hey, the podcasts are going down a storm.

The editor often approaches a contact tentatively, with an opening phrase such as “We’re Hull Is This, a news platform dedicated to representing the city in a positive way.” And actually, the response is now usually “Yes. We like what you’re doing. How can we engage with it?” People seem to know and get what we’re doing. Phew.

About a month ago, the editor commissioned the Junior Design Factor at Creative Briefs to design a logo, something that represents what Hull Is This is all about – straightforward, forward-thinking story-telling about what builds this city up. They have excelled themselves

The young people considered the editor’s brief, met to run through their initial ideas, met with the editor to pitch their thoughts, refined their initial thoughts to match the editor’s feedback – and have now presented a logo design that really matches what Hull Is This has set out to be.

Blimey, it’s been a really great creative process to engage in, and as editor I’m really pleased with the final design.

So, I’m now planning a “Logo Design Party” to do the big reveal.

As H.I.T. Patrons you’ll have first invites to the event. I’m currently considering options/venues etc…

Every month I’m blown away by the attention Hull Is This receives. It’s you Patrons that are helping to influence the city’s journalism offering. I’ll be calling you together VERY SOON!!!

much love,

Jerome – editor