Exhibition to reflect on a 2-year mega-ride with Back to Ours

Back to Ours ‘secret gig’, 2018. Photo: Jerome Whittingham @photomoments.

Jerome Whittingham is a photographer, interviewer, and podcast producer. He’s spent the last two years documenting the creative journey of Back to Ours, Hull’s Arts Council England-funded Creative People and Places Project. 

The exhibition Back to Ours Album: Part One covers some of the iconic moments he’s captured on the journey, the places he’s been and the people he’s met along the way.

Jerome said: “The past 2 years have been a mega-ride of amazing artistic and cultural happenings around the city, shared with a growing passenger list of people welcomed aboard the Back to Ours artistic tour. In this exhibition, I alight stop by stop to look again at moments along the way: the breath-taking, the weird, the unexpected, the hilarious, the ‘did that really just happen?

“I’ve also chatted with many of the people that have joined the excursion as creators and volunteers. My portraits reveal glimpses of how Back to Ours is inspiring the people who encounter it, growing their creative ambition, and presenting often unexpected opportunities for artists in the city. When the Back to Ours bus speeds or trundles through the neighbourhood, the place changes – and so do the passengers.”

Louise Yates, Back to Ours Director, added: “Jerome’s been on our Back to Ours journey right from the beginning. We’ve had him on buses with Dolly and Elvis, in and out of ice cream vans, and photographing everything from dance (which we know he loves) and contemporary circus, to Secret Gigs, exhibitions and gigs at North Point.

“What Jerome does so well is capture people, and that’s what jumps out of these images to me – a love of people. Back to Ours is all about people having a good time and enjoying themselves, and I hope all that love, some sparkle and whole lot of mischief jumps out when you look through these pages. It’s an album that brings the whole Back to Ours family together.”

Back to Ours Album: Part One previews at Artlink gallery on Princes Avenue, where Jerome is also an Associate Artist, on Friday 18th October from 6pm to 8pm – and everyone is welcome to come and join in with some Back to Ours antics, and share a glass of something fizzy. The exhibition then continues until 28th November.

Jerome will be sharing some insights about his work, and reflections on arts in the city, at an artist’s talk at Artlink at 1pm on Saturday 9th November.

[Artlink & Back to Ours]