FEO360 is recruiting SME owners

FEO360 is back! This peer-led FREE programme is designed and presented by entrepreneurs, giving you the practical support you need to develop your business, and most importantly, yourself.

The FEO360 programme offers you a fresh, full-360 perspective on your business, enhancing your attitudes and skills in key areas such as time and money management and sales generation.

Secure your FREE place today and take your business to the next level!

No ordinary business course

Bored of  formal business courses? Zoomed out? Over the course of six interactive and themed sessions, leading FEO Members and Key Partners will offer their real-life experiences and insights in a refreshingly unique take on such topics as freeing up your time, getting your finances in shape, employing people and selling successfully.

What? Where? When?

This programme is 100% free. Kicking off in Hull in September 2021, six fortnightly half-day sessions will offer a unique 360 view on several classic business topics and problems, led by an ambitious group of local business owners who want you to learn from their mistakes. Don’t delay – the closing date for applications is the end of July 2021.

What areas will the FEO360 programme cover?

  1. Managing and freeing up your time effectively
  2. Getting your finances in shape to avoid running out of cash
  3. Employing, managing and getting the best out of people
  4. Developing relationships with banks, funders and stakeholders
  5. The pursuit of… selling!
  6. The DNA of an entrepreneur: mindset – focus – attitude!

Jess Clark from Divine Clark PR has completed the 360 programme. She says: “For me, FEO360 has been a series of light bulb moments. The six half-day sessions are spread over twelve weeks and each focuses on the basic principles of running a business; studying what makes people tick – are they blue, green, red or yellow?

“Writing a succinct business plan, compiling systems and processes to cover every activity, the financials, employing people and sales skills, but what makes this different from any other business programme is the people who run it.

“Outsiders can’t grasp the fact that FEO members are local entrepreneurs with hugely successful businesses and tons of experience who give up their time for free to help people like me (and you) to become successful in business! Crazy, isn’t it? Why do they do it? Because if they help SMEs grow, we can employ people and create wealth and jobs in Hull and the surrounding area.

“The members take time out of their own business to get stuck in and all seem to genuinely love the whole experience of being in business and supporting like-minded people. If something sounds too good to be true it often is but please believe me, FEO360 is even better than it sounds.”

FEO’s Chief Executive, Jan Brumby, encourages ambitious SME owners to sign up: “As we come out of the COVID restrictions after an extremely challenging 15 months, it’s the perfect time for businesses to take advantage of the pent up demand for many goods and services.

“Running a business can be a lonely place at times but if the business owner is ambitious, organised, process driven and willing to learn from peers, then the business will also reap the benefits. The informal style of FEO 360 has proved to be the most effective way for business owners to learn and develop themselves for business success.”

For full details and course dates, plus the link to book your place, please visit For Entrepreneurs Only – FEO360 2021.