Free Flow project to tackle period poverty.

‘Free Flow’ is a project currently being developed by Stephanie Darnes.  Its aim is to tackle period poverty, and also to educate all women about the environmental impact of sanitary products, showing that there are alternatives which are kinder to women and kinder to the planet too.

In this podcast interview Stephanie describes how the project came about, and why it is important. She describes in detail the alternatives to expensive sanitary products, showing how these alternatives can help women to save money and to feel more empowered. We also discuss, briefly, the ‘tampon tax’, a tax on being a woman.

There has been a great deal of talk about period poverty in the last couple of years.  This project will help us to understand more about the issue, and to respond in a positive and helpful way.

Stephanie is holding an information event at 7pm on 14th January 2019, in The Annexe behind the Community Enterprise Centre on Cottingham Road.

Contact Stephanie at:

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