Grey Matter – an exhibition of paintings by Christopher Tansey

Running until Sunday 27 June at 66-68 Humber Street, Grey Matter focuses on concepts of “isness” and “whyness”.

Christopher Tansey is a Hull-based artist who studied Fine Art at Hull College and Liverpool John Moores University. 

Tansey employs vaguely representational elements and motifs to produce process-driven paintings that are semi-autobiographical and self-reflective. Concerned with concepts of “isness” and “whyness”, his work questions the pursuit of meaning through the act of painting, calling on existence, experience and positionality to construct his own visual language. 

The exhibition features accompanying soundscapes by Polymer.

You can view Grey Matter at 66-68 Humber Street until Sunday 27 June. The exhibition is open Monday to Thursday 11am-3pm and Friday, Saturday and Sunday 11am-6pm.