Has Hull student got the bottle for a job in The Circus of Horrors?

Skye Danniela Tribe – who also studied at Franklin College in Grimsby – will take to the stage at the Bonus Arena as a ‘pickled person!’
Skye Danniela Tribe – a University of Hull student – will take to the stage at the Bonus Arena as a ‘pickled person!’

A University of Hull student will take centre stage at the Bonus Arena on Friday night when she joins the Circus of Horrors.

Skye Danniela Tribe always dreamt of a life in show business but she never believed that when her opportunity came it would be to squeeze into a tiny bottle!

Skye (19), who studied drama at Grimsby’s Franklin College, saw an advert for ‘Pickled Person Wanted’ in The Circus of Horrors. The advert also said ‘the applicant must be flexible & must not suffer from claustrophobia’.

Skye said: “I thought it sounded a little strange but I’d seen the Circus of Horrors on Britain’s Got Talent and loved it and I have seen it many times live, so I thought I’d apply. The job entailed me climbing out of a bottle, just two foot tall & 18-inches in diameter.”

To train Skye went home asking her mum to put her into anything small, first a dustbin, cupboards & even a washing basket until she got used to being confined in small places.

An even bigger thrill for Skye is the fact one of her first performances with the show will be in Hull where she goes to university.

Skye will be in the Circus of Horrors when the show performs at the Bonus Arena this Friday evening (31 January).

Tickets are available now for the show from www.bonusarenahull.com

[Paul Savage – Bonus Arena Hull]