Hessle Theatre Company panto characters all at sea when they visit Escape Hull

After spending 2020 on shore leave, Hessle Theatre Company are ready to set sail on the high seas with festive fun and frolics in their hilarious pantomime, ‘Robinson Crusoe’ at Hessle Town Hall this Christmas.

As the cast of Robinson Crusoe prepare to entertain audiences next month, the dastardly Blackbeard locked the intrepid crew in the brig in Escape Hull’s crafty escape room ‘Escape The Seven Seas’. Would Robinson Crusoe and his band have what it takes to break free and flee the villainous pirate’s clutches?

The gang consisting of Robinson Crusoe him[her]self (Hannah Wilson), Mrs Crusoe (Martin Beaumont), Billy Crusoe (Mark Jardine) and Captain Pluggy Plughole (Joe Spence) pitted themselves against the cunning game and tried to solve all the clues set in this nautical themed escape room based in Hull’s city centre.

As you would expect, silliness and hilarity took over Escape Hull’s pirate-themed escape room as these performers channeled their pantomime characters in readiness for their Christmas adventure at Hessle Town Hall.

Joe Porte, manager of Hull’s Escape, one of the UK’s largest escape room companies, is co-directing Robinson Crusoe with his cousin, Russell Fallon.

Joe said: “They always say never to mix your work and social life, but I’m pleased to say that they are absolutely right… I’m still cleaning up the mess!”

Hessle Theatre Company’s pantomime, Robinson Crusoe, sees Robinson and his family set sail on the high seas in search of treasure to save Pluggy Plughole’s ship, the Saucy Sally, from the scrapyard. All the while they are pursued by the diabolical Blackbeard and his outrageous henchmen.

Will the Saucy Sally be saved? And will Robinson find true love with Pluggy’s daughter, Polly? One thing is for certain, the journey is set to be hilarious!

You can see if you have what it takes to ‘Escape The Seven Seas’ at Escape Hull by booking via their website www.escape.game/escape-hull

Robinson Crusoe is on at Hessle Town Hall from 3 – 5 December 2021. Book tickets via the Hessle Theatre Company website www.hessletheatre.co.uk or visit The Cake Room on Hessle Square.