HoH Food Hall: An interview with Neil Harris of Bug Vinyl Records

Neil of Bug Vinyl Records shares a peek into the role acoustic music will play at HoH Food Hall.

We recently interviewed Head Chef Arron Edwards, who told us about all of the delicious dishes and grab-and-go treats you can expect to find when HoH Food Hall opens its doors to the public in early December. Alongside mouth-watering meals, the newly renovated retail and dining destination will also focus heavily on new music, which is being managed by Neil Harris of Bug Vinyl Records.  

“Bug Vinyl is an independent record shop located on Ladygate in Beverley,” says Neil. “We opened five years ago with the mission to sell new vinyl and only new vinyl. We  do one thing and would like to think we do it extremely well, which continues to receive a strong response from our customers.”

Having proved popular with vinyl lovers from near and far, Neil is currently setting up an additional Bug Vinyl base inside HoH Food Hall. The original store is being meticulously replicated next to the acoustic stage and Vinyl Bar, creating a dedicated space where the latest music can be enjoyed and celebrated.

“Being an indie store means we stock all of the limited coloured vinyl that multinationals can’t get their hands on,” says Neil. “We also receive them on their release days, which gives our customers the opportunity to listen to amazing new music right away.”

The acoustic stage inside HoH Food Hall is all set to host DJs and a wide variety of low-fi acts, which will be supported by Neil and the Bug Vinyl team.

“Our desire is to create a real buzz,” he says. “We have loads of new stock and there are new vinyl releases every Friday. We haven’t diluted our offering and never will, so you can expect an ongoing commitment to limited edition indie vinyl at the heart of Hull city centre.”

Whilst running his store in Beverley, Neil will feed into the Hull branch and has an interesting organisational structure in place:

“We’re drawing on Hull’s rich music heritage by employing local musicians in bands as well as students who are taking master’s degrees in Music. These people are truly passionate about music and will be integral to the mix by helping us to make the Bug Vinyl store in HoH Food Hall a huge success.”

Neil also told us that the new store is an opportunity to explore a huge range of bands and artists, with multiple albums dropping every week: “There’s genuine luxury in listening to new music the moment it’s released. It never stops and we endeavour to stock as much as possible, so there’s always plenty to discover.”

The launch weekend for HoH Food Hall begins on Friday 3December. For the latest news and updates, make sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.