How can HULL IS THIS help you through this coronavirus crisis?


The full weight of the impact of coronavirus upon the city seems more tangible all of a sudden. It will affect some more than others, but it will affect all of us, and it may do for quite some time.

Let’s look at solutions.

I’ve been thinking for some days about how HULL IS THIS can offer support.

Let me outline a couple of ideas that may benefit your business, arts organisation, social group, charity, community activity, and more.

Firstly, can I help you to keep your ‘brand’, your group’s identity, visible?

Talk to me. HULL IS THIS achieves thousands of page hits a day, and reaches thousands of people week by week. Share your news and your stories with our readers. Use HULL IS THIS to help amplify your brand. I can work with you to get your stories told. This is what the site has been doing since it established in November 2018.

Secondly, can I help to take your activity online?

In particular, can I produce a podcast with you? There will be many people at home actively looking for news of what’s happening locally, actively consuming podcasted content.

HULL IS THIS podcasting
HULL IS THIS is ready to podcast with you.

HULL IS THIS has been loving the podcasting side of the project. I am set up for recording quality content via mobile phones, and can edit podcasts together from groups of contributors to create shows and episodes.

Podcasting may be a way of helping to keep your brand and identity alive and well whilst you’re unable to meet together in person.

I know there are some groups that meet for pleasure, that may not now be able to meet for some time. Book clubs, poetry groups, talks, history groups, theatre companies, and so many more. I can work with you to record a podcast, and release that podcast at the time your activity would have met, so you can then share online time together via whatever social media group is best for your group, etc.


Podcasting with you will help HULL IS THIS to extend its reach even further. It may encourage more people to become H.I.T.Patrons. It may encourage more sponsorship and donations from others. All that will be reward enough for my efforts.

This offer, of course, will not replace what many businesses and professional groups may lose. It’s an offer though, and you will know if you might benefit from the exposure. Let’s explore it together.

HULL IS THIS is about solutions, sharing constructive news of how the city develops. Even now there are initiatives we can develop together.

Talk to me. Share ideas with me. Ask.

Jerome Whittingham – Editor, HULL IS THIS