Hull entrepreneur to launch local food ordering and delivery app, supporting city’s restaurants and takeaways

With an app launching on Friday 29th January, Hull Kitchens is a new local takeaway food ordering and delivery service which plans to disrupt the giants in this sector, benefitting local restaurants and customers.

The Hull's Kitchens app and business launches to customers on Friday, 29th January.
The Hull Kitchens app and business launches to customers on Friday, 29th January.

The business has been founded by Jack Hannam, who also runs several Temptation burger restaurants in the Humber area, including two in Hull.

Jack opened his Temptation burger restaurant in St Stephen’s shopping centre back in March 2020, just hours before the UK was taken into its first Covid-19 lockdown.

“Our only option was to use Just Eat at that time,” said Jack. “We didn’t realise how much we’d end up paying in commission. So, it got me thinking.”

He began researching the food ordering and delivery sector, and identifying areas in which a business could offer advantages to restaurant owners and their customers.

“One of the things that annoyed me was that there was no marketing for local restaurants and takeaways listed in the existing apps. You were always competing with the hundreds of other restaurants in Hull,” said Jack. Customers were never encouraged to try other local restaurants and the great food they offer.

“What we’re doing with Hull Kitchens is helping to promote other restaurants. We’ll market them on social media and other platforms. We’ll take photos and load them up to our app. We’ll create videos, and help promote other businesses, helping them to be more profitable. And all the time, we’ll help drive down commission costs too,” said Jack.

It’s a really bold move for a local business to set up in competition with the big well-established players. However, Jack is willing to disrupt, and knows the local restaurant sector very well.

“We believe we offer a bit more than what the others are offering, and they’ll never be able to compete with Hull Kitchens on the commission rates we offer restaurants,” said Jack.

For customers, Jack has concentrated on making the food ordering app very easy to navigate, making it even easier than the systems we’re already used to using.

“It’s been a huge learning curve,” said Jack, “seeing how things work from a delivery point of view. I’ve been fortunate to have that time from March, going into lockdown, where all we did was delivery. I had time to search the internet to see how others were doing it, build up some expertise, and then take it to the market.”

Sensibly, Hull Kitchens is going live with a modest number of restaurants to begin with, around 30. Jack sees it as very important to establish trust and a good reputation before scaling up later in the year. The focus for now is to build great working relationships with the restaurants that have signed up.

“We want to really work with our restaurants, to improve their social media, get some good filming, some great pictures, and some really good content going out there to promote them and us. We want to ensure that food gets delivered on time, and that what people see in the pictures in our app is what customers see on their plates. For us it’s not about volume, it’s about our relationship with each restaurant or takeaway and their customers,” said Jack.

Judging by the amount of bikes and delivery cars seen whizzing about the city, there’s certainly money being spent in the food ordering and delivery sector.

Hull's Kitchens, a new locally-run food ordering and delivery service.
Hull’s Kitchens, a new locally-run food ordering and delivery service.

What Jack and his team are doing is offering a local service to local businesses. Supporting the local economy and its entrepreneurs is more important now than ever, especially as the hospitality sector has been struck harder than most.

“Hull Kitchens is a registered local company. I live locally,” said Jack. “All our listed restaurants are based around Hull. When you pick up your phone to place your order, it’s a local team that know the local food scene that’ll be dealing with your order. We work with local independent businesses and local people. We want to help.”

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