Hull Freedom Chorus share Light of a Guiding Star

In this podcast episode HULL IS THIS editor Jerome Whittingham chats with Hull Freedom Chorus’ musical lead Clare Drury.

Not daunted, too much, by writing a song for Christmas 2020, Clare tells how Light of a Guiding Star blends traditional Christmas themes with a message for us all in a pandemic year.

Podcast: 10 minutes.

Clare said: “Light of a Guiding Star is our new virtual choir work for Christmas 2020, from the Freedom Chorus. Specially written as a reminder that though we may not be together this year we are lit by the same stars and share a wish for a bright future.

“Launched to coincide with the astronomical conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn which gives a once in 800 years bright star, our special film features members of the Freedom Chorus singing together – in isolation.”

Light of a Guiding Star, written by Clare Drury, performed by Hull Freedom Chorus.

Website: Hull Freedom Chorus

Hull Freedom Chorus is a massed singing project run by Hull City Council Arts Development. With a current membership of over 1,100 members, it supports the development of group singing.

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