Hull hosts UK public film premiere of ‘One Summer When You Went Away’

Hull is to host the UK public film premiere of the internationally-award winning feature One Summer When You Went Away in the city’s Old Town next Friday evening, 19 November.

Director and writer Chris Hopkin with writer and producer Julian F. Woodford (Image: Neal Coulman)

Set in Hull and East Yorkshire and starring Laurence Ellerker, Laura Peterson, Kenneth Mguni, Stan Haywood and Angela Stone, the new 90-minute film has been described as ‘gritty but moving’ and ‘surprisingly sweet’ by festival audiences. 

With a dad in jail and a mum off to Cyprus with her latest lover, the film throws together Danny, sketch pad and unfinished painting in backpack, who wants out of the city, and Izzy, newly arrived in Hull, who aint going anywhere….

But then Danny’s mad aunt rocks up from Scotland and s*** hits the fan. Thank God for Danny’s best mate Tre….and Grandad….

This indy film is already impressing judges and, despite its tiny £2.5k budget, is this week is up for Best International Feature Film in Italy at The Florence International Film Festival and in Ireland at Dublin’s 12th Underground International Film Festival.

One Summer When You Went Away, co-written by Dead Bod Film’s director Chris Hopkin and producer Julian F. Woodford, has already won best feature at Sweden’s Lulea Film Festival.

The film’s UK public premiere will double as a fundraising night for the city’s youth organisation The Warren and spin-off Warren Records who worked with Dead Bod Films to provide bands and songs for the soundtrack.  

Interspersed with a full and evocative original score by Hull composer Joe Roper, local bands and musicians on the soundtrack include Crooked Weather, The Dyr Sister, The Fronteers and Joe Russell-Brown.

The evening also has selected great short films and trailers from other Hull and Humber film makers AND live music from Tim O’Connor and The Poachers.

The feature release follows the success of Dead Bod Films’ mid-length feature, the 30-minute fantasy film The Bagpipe Maker’s Baby, which has also enjoyed success internationally including in Canada, Columbia, India, Romania, and the US, where festival judges have called it  ‘Absolutely extraordinary…one of the BEST short films we’ve ever received.”  

Tickets for the Friday 19 November screening are £5 from Eventbrite here and are strictly limited in a C-19 spaced screening room in the National Trust Maister House offices of Humber Film Creative Community, 160 High Street, Hull HU1 1NQ.

Doors open at 6.30pm, reception and music; Trailers at 7.15pm-7.45pm; Main feature at 8pm; social from 9.30pm.