HULL IS THIS reveals new branding

HULL IS THIS new branding.

That’s right, it’s time to reveal HULL IS THIS’ new look, thanks to young designers at Creative Briefs Junior Design Factory.

HULL IS THIS editor, Jerome Whittingham, asked the junior designers to create a logo that illustrates our mission, to communicate constructive and solutions-focused stories that build the city up. The logo is to be modern, forward-thinking – not using old technology as icons, so no rolled-up newspapers, megaphones, typewriters – and certainly nothing to do with the Humber Bridge either!

The Junior Design Factory is made up of children aged about 8 to 16. They work on real briefs given to them by real paying clients, and are steered through the design process by the project’s leads, designers Jason Bowers and Rebecca Shipham, directors of Creative Briefs. Jerome has photographed several of their design projects in recent years, also recording a few podcasts with them too. They are a ‘switched on’ group of children, eager to learn, and very able to deliver the briefs presented to them.

When the editor returned to their studio for the young designers to pitch their ideas for the HULL IS THIS logo it was clear that they just ‘got it’, understanding our needs perfectly. They presented their whole design journey for this brief, showing how they had explored initial ideas together, refining those ideas through further research, and finally focusing on a concept to pitch back to the editor.

After feedback from the editor, and a few tweaks, we have a new identity.

The young designers ‘hit’ upon the idea of using Morse Code for the letters H.I.T.

H = dot dot dot dot, I = dot dot, T = dash.

Creating a bold two-tone design which can easily be reversed, forming the design into a circle which fits easily into social media profile badges, and weighting the thickness of the dots and dashes and inner white space just right (that bit took a lot of discussion actually!) – not only does the logo look great, it’s very easy to use, and it ‘means something’ too, it’s very clever!

This logo will now be used on the HULL IS THIS website, and across our social media accounts. It will help our constructive news project for the city to stand out further, as we continue to develop our reach and following month-on-month.

Jerome Whittingham – HULL IS THIS editor.

Website: Creative Briefs

Website: Junior Design Factory