Hull School at the National Forefront of Mandarin Teaching

ASA students learn Mandarin and Chinese culture.

Archbishop Sentamu Academy (ASA) has been recently selected as a hub school for the national Mandarin Excellence Programme (MEP) in Yorkshire. 

Over the last 8 years, several thousands students at ASA and local primary schools have had experience in learning Mandarin and Chinese culture. The schools offer YCT (an international Chinese qualification), FCSE, GCSE and Cambridge Pre-U to their students, some of who went on studying Chinese related subjects at universities. For the last four years, ASA has had 100% GCSE Chinese pass rate with increasing number of A* students. 

MEP is a state-funded unique yet intensive language programme which will see at least 5,000 students in the UK on track to achieve high level of Mandarin proficiency by 2020. 

ASA, the Hub on Humber, teamed up with the Confucius Institute of Education at University College London, and is launching a new MEP group during the week commencing Monday 8th July. The students will immerse in a week of intensive language learning and culture activities.

Liqun Dai, the excellence award winner, a national renowned Chinese teacher said: “I’m extremely pleased that our effort in promoting Chinese teaching and learning in the local community has been recognised nationally. I hope as a hub school, the MEP will enable more students in this region to achieve higher level of Chinese efficiency.”

Kirsten Bradley, the Headteacher at Woodland Primary School said: “Thank you for inviting Woodland to be part of such a wonderful programme.  I truly believe that the children who have taken part, are all the better and more rounded individuals, for doing so.”

[Liam Foster – ASA]