Hull student’s designs illuminated in outdoor event

Designs by Hull School of Art and Deisgn textile student were part of Urban Legends: Northern Lights.Photo: © Thomas Arran

This weekend, a Hull School of Art and Design student had her textile designs brought to life alongside those of celebrated Hull-textile designer Shirley Craven as the city was illuminated in Urban Legends: Northern Lights.

Over four nights, 60,000 people took to Hull City Centre, including Parliament Street as the city’s streets came alive with captivating projections and sounds.   

Alongside acclaimed national and international artists, second-year student Toni Lee (20) had her designs illuminated in Avenue, by Newcastle-based NOVAK. 

Exploring the iconic textile designs of the 20th century from Hull and Västra Götaland in Sweden and inspired by the stories and references woven into and printed onto the designs, this new installation brought Toni’s designs to life alongside iconic designs by Shirley Craven and the Hull Traders, interwoven with patterns influenced by the work of Sven Fristedt and Borås Cotton, created by textile desiger Hazel Dunn and NOVAK. 

Acompanying the projected designs was a multi-channel sound piece by celbrated artist and musician Ed Carter, which created a sweeping, synchronised sonic tapestry extending the full length of Parliament Street.

NOVAK studio director Adam Finlay said: “We were really excited to return to Hull to be part of Urban Legends: Northern Lights. The inspiration for this installation initially came from our research of ports such as Gothenburg, Bergen and Hull, which have many shared experiences through their positions as gateways into their wider countries and the cultural exchange of tales, stories and verse through the people who transport these traded items.”

Inspired by the textile heritage which links Hull and Västra Götaland in the west of Sweden, Avenue celebrated the iconic textile designs of the 20th century to the present day, all interwoven with historical and mythological stories which span the North Sea and connect these two locations.

Adam continued: “As well as celebrating Hull’s past we also wanted to reference the present and the future by incorporating the modern influences of a 21st Century student. We approached Hull School of Art and Design and Toni got in touch with her designs, which were just perfect.

“Shirley Craven is an incredible textile designer, leading the way with a modern approach to her work. She was hugely enthusiastic when we approached her about our installation and was delighted that we wanted to feature her designs. Avenue is a true celebration of the past, present and the future.”

Hull School of Art and Design student Toni Lee said: “The opportunity to collaborate and showcase my designs has been a first for me. The project was inspiring and to me it had limitless potential. As a person who has lived in Hull their whole life I wanted to celebrate the city; its architecture, its heritage, as well as, other Hull textile designers such as Shirley Craven. I aimed to create a range of 60’s inspired patterns that reflected Hull’s identity, history and cultural links.”

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[Laura Andrew, Home PR – for Absolutely Cultured]