Hull, what more can we do?

OK, so here’s a rare editorial.

It’s been alarming to see Hull in the glare of the national news media today, for being right at the top of the Covid-19 table. It’s not where we want to be.

Covid-19 coronavirus
Coronavirus graphic.

Hull’s council leader, Stephen Brady, has written to Government and expressed all our worries that the coronavirus is tearing through our communities. He’s asking for more help for all of us, and for our pleas to be heard.

HULL IS THIS doesn’t take any political stance, but as editor, I amplify Brady’s pleas.

We need help.

We need clear guidance, and possibly extra powers, to keep our school children and their teachers safe – and those they come into daily contact with. Of course we need to think of our children’s futures, but right now, today, they and their families and teachers need to be safe and secure from harm.

We need to make sure our city’s businesses and enterprises are supported – it is Global Entrepreneurship Week right now, and there are many in the city (HULL IS THIS included) supporting this. It’s for us to shop local, mentor local young entrepreneurs, rally around our well-established businesses, and support those organisations providing assistance to Hull’s economy. That has a positive ‘knock-on’ effect for all of us.

We need to consider what we’re saying about Hull, what debate we’re encouraging Hullensians to have.

HULL IS THIS is part of the city’s media landscape, and we take the city’s media profile so very seriously. We’re here to share stories of what is going well in Hull. We’re here to look at solutions to the city’s problems. We’re often upset as to how the city is portrayed in the media, even by other local news players.

What are the headlines you want to read?

Do you want to be headlined for not following the clear rules – to self isolate however much you miss your loved ones? Do you want to be headlined for encouraging others to decline medical advances or take risks, threatening the lives and longterm health of people that make this a great city to live in?

It pains me that people are already being cajoled into creating these headlines.

Stay safe, and encourage that instinct in others.

Stay bright, scrutinise what you’re reading.

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Jerome – editor HULL IS THIS