Hull Youth Enterprise Awards 2019 finalists have been revealed

Ben Robinson Most Enterprising Young Person 2018, holding the trophy, is pictured with Karl Hudder (Consort to the Lord Mayor), Lord Mayor of Hull, Councillor Steve Wilson, and BBC Apprentice contestant Adam Corbally.

Finalists have been revealed for an awards night which recognises the best young entrepreneurs, schools and businesses in the city.

The Hull Youth Enterprise Awards 2019 is organised by Hull City Council in partnership with the city’s business community and the Hull and East Riding Youth Enterprise Partnership. They aim to highlight the outstanding work of individuals and businesses in nurturing the next generation of entrepreneurs in Hull.

The finalists for the 2019 awards will be invited to an event which will be held in November at Craven Park, and the winners will this year be announced by former BBC Apprentice contestant and business figure Adam Corbally, who will be joined by the Lord Mayor of Hull, Councillor Steve Wilson and his Consort Karl Hudder, as well as Emma Hardy MP.

Ben Robinson of Prehistoric Hull said: “It was a great honour last year to receive Most Enterprising Young Person Award 2018 and I have enjoyed my year acting as ambassador for Making Changes for Careers Programme and supporting enterprise events and activities in the City.

“I am pleased that this year over 150 individuals and organisations have received nominations and I look forward to the announcement of the well-deserved winners in Global Entrepreneurship Week so they can get recognition for the enterprising work they do in the city and continue to act as ambassadors for our great City”

Adam Corbally said:”There is no doubt that Hull as a city has real commitment through Hull City Council and the Hull and East Riding Youth Enterprise Partnership to develop the enterprising skills of young people.  It never ceases to amaze me how with the right support and encouragement young people are truly enterprising and whilst not all will go on to be entrepreneurs of the future they certainly will be more enterprising in their outlook and in the workplace.

“I know it will be a difficult choice but all nominations are winners and true ambassadors of Hull and the Humber and I wish them well.”

Here are the finalists for this year’s awards:

The Maxwell Bird Most Enterprising School in Hull 2019 sponsored by Pickering Lifts: Gillshill Primary, St Marys College, Priory Primary, School of Construction Hull College and Craven Primary.

The individual/business that has done the most to promote an enterprise culture in the City 2019 sponsored by Springfield Training:  James Fairbank KCOM, Di Garbera Goldings Computer Services Ltd and Raeann Rooms AB Rooms, Sue Altass & Hannah Cheshire Inspire Ignite.

The Sheila Waudby Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2019 sponsored by John Cracknell Youth Enterprise Bank: Sarah Fenwick TreeFellas Ltd, Beth and Becca of  Gray’s Boutique, Leah Ariss of  Amethyst Cleaning, Cloie Hockney of Cloie Couture, Robin Coates of Rock N’ Rose and Fynn Hooper Life & Loom.

The Kevin McNamara Most Enterprising Teacher 2019 sponsored by Hull City Council:  Graham Henderson MC4C, Helen Robinson Ganton School, Deborah Wilson Bishop Burton, and Vicky McKinnon St Marys College.

The Jane Disbrey Most Enterprising Student Award 2019 sponsored by John Cracknell Youth Enterprise Bank: Theo Farrer Wilberforce College, Lucy Musgrave Kelvin Hall School and Erika Vaitevicute Hull College.

The Betty Hewitt Newcomer to Enterprise Education 2019 sponsored by Engaging Education: Sue Pleasance HCAL, and Paul Gillen Craven Primary, Graham Henderson MC4C, Zallie Barratt, Hull College.

The evening will also see a series of fundraising activities for Action for Ashley who is a young lad with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

Four special awards for individuals and organisations that have made a significant contribution to the youth enterprise agenda in the area will also be made: The John Cracknell Youth Enterprise Award, Rita Pearlman Youth Enterprise Leadership Award, Jack Brignall Youth Enterprise Award, and the Gordon Wilson Youth Enterprise Award, as well as the Youth Enterprise Champion 2019.

[Charles Cracknell – Hull City Council]