Hull’s dinosaurs are back this Saturday

Dinostar on Humber Street is preparing to reopen for the first time in over six months with this week’s relaxation of Government restrictions.  The Fruit Market museum will open on Saturday 22 May at 11am.

Iguanodon waiting for the re-opening

The enforced closure has been used to refresh and improve the dinosaur museum so that it is now better than ever.  As well as maintaining the museum as Covid-secure – follow the dinosaur footprints for the one-way path around the galleries – all the exhibits have been reviewed, refurbished and enhanced as necessary. New information cards have been produced to explain, educate and entertain guests. Several new exhibits have also been installed to make the museum even more exciting.

New exhibits include an exploration of feathers on dinosaurs – look out for the feathered Velociraptors stalking the upper floor. Three large Velociraptor models overlook visitors from their perches. The famous dinosaurs, stars of Jurassic Park and Jurassic World, are represented as feathered in line with the latest scientific research. In a first for Dinostar, one of the Velociraptors moves!

In a further use of advanced technology, the museum also allows visitors to experience dinosaurs in virtual reality on the VR simulator installed last autumn. Visitors ride in large movable egg-chairs, wear VR headsets and are transported back to the time of the dinosaurs.

Dinostar will be open every Saturday and Sunday plus every day during the school Half Term holiday from Saturday 29 May to Sunday 6 June, 11am to 5pm each day.

About Dinostar – The Dinosaur Experience

Dinostar is based in a converted fruit warehouse in the Fruit Market – Hull’s Creative Quarter. The building was restored and renovated to convert it into a dinosaur museum after being empty for almost five years. After opening to the public on April 2004, the official opening ceremony was performed by Sir Tony Robinson during a break in filming for a Time Team episode near York. The ceremony was attended by a large number of people, many of whom have become regular visitors to the dinosaur museum.

The Dinostar exhibition features genuine and replica fossils as well as numerous interactive exhibits. There are buttons to press to hear what the ancient creatures might have sounded like, a dinosaur dig, a sand box where you can make a volcano, even dinosaur smells. Highlights include full size T. rex and Triceratops skulls, as well as models and puppets from the landmark BBC TV series Walking with Dinosaurs and Walking with Beasts.

Contact Dinostar

Tel: 01482 320424