Hull’s team of midwives helping couples through the stages of pregnancy


Hull & East Yorkshire baby co-ordinator Melanie Lee

Parents expecting a baby in 2019 are invited to the Hey Baby Carousel this month for advice in the first months of pregnancy.

Parents can tap into the expertise of Hull’s team of midwives for help with queries or concerns they have about their pregnancies, forms they need to fill in to secure maternity pay or to discuss their options for giving birth.

Now held at the Clinical Skills building on the Hull Royal Infirmary site on the last Wednesday of every month, around 200 people attend the Carousels to pick up tips, advice and support with pregnancy and childbirth.

Birth educators working for Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust will give practical demonstrations on how people can look after their babies in the first few weeks from safer sleeping and how to bathe your baby to healthy eating and accident prevention.

Hey Baby co-ordinator Melanie Lee said: “Our Carousel events are beneficial to couples regardless of the stage of pregnancy.

“Ideally, people can come at the start of their pregnancies, around the 20-week mark as they reach the halfway point and towards the end.

“We also have couples who want to come every month as we always have something new to share with prospective families.”

Carousel will be held at the Clinical Skills Building next to Hull Eye Hospital on Wednesday, January 30, between 6pm and 8pm. You can just turn up as there is no need to book an appointment and you don’t need to stay for the full two hours.

Dads, partners, grandparents, friends and other children are all welcome to join mums-to-be at the event.


[Allison Coggan, for Hull & East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust]