Humber Electrical announces two big contract wins

Bridge console under construction at Heeco.

A Hull-based marine business has announced two new big commercial wins.

The Humber Electrical Engineering Company (Heeco) has won a defence contract for bridge equipment plus work to provide switchboard extensions for bulk carriers worldwide.

The electrical manufacturing business, based in Hull, designs and builds switchboards, motor control centres and control panels for the marine and energy sectors as well as the programming of programmable logic controllers and the provision of electrical design solutions.

Neil Watson, the managing director of Heeco, said:  “We’ve had a few big wins. The first is with regards to custom-made bespoke bridge suites. We build to both commercial marine or MoD shock rated standards for many customers ranging from small commercial vessels, to oil tankers and warships.

“Our most recent win is the defence sector.  We’ve handled everything in-house with fabrication, painting, electrical assembly and testing all completed here in Hull.”

Heeco’s suites include navigation aids, propulsion controls and integrated platform management systems.

The second contract win was for seven vessels’ switchboard extensions for bulk carriers

Paul Richardson, technical director of Heeco, said: “We’ve seen a big win in the bulk carrier space too. In order to help meet the 2020 sulphur cap there is a rush on for fleet operators to bring their vessels in-line with the new regulations. Heeco were called in to undertake surveys of two class of bulk carriers for scrubber panel power requirements. Following the first survey in Singapore the company have successful won the initial order for seven vessels’ switchboard extensions. Due to an unplanned docking we were requested to design and manufacture the first vessel’s upgrade over the Christmas period and ship to China within four weeks. The company’s engineers are currently on the way to China to complete the integration. With a total of 32 vessels in the fleet, there will be significant work for the company with installations planned around the world.”

[James Tourgout – Deep South Media]