Impossible puzzle leads to gift company’s clear sales boom

clear jigsaw puzzle
The ‘impossible’ clear jigsaw puzzle, a crazy success for local gift company.

Business is booming for Hull based gift company, Always Personal, after their puzzle gift proved a hit for people in isolation.

The Impossible Puzzle has kept thousands of people occupied through the lockdown period and proven to be an ideal solution to the boredom and stress of 2020.

Since the COVID-19 lockdown began on March 23rd, Always Personal have sold over 4,000 of the puzzles. The company’s best selling gift of the year has provided a challenging distraction for those struggling through a period of self-isolation.

“The puzzle pieces are made of clear acrylic, which adds another very challenging element to building a jigsaw,” explains Rob Harbord, Managing Director for Always Personal.

“So many of our customers have told us that they’ve gifted the puzzle to loved ones because they wanted to keep their minds busy and help them through this crisis in whatever way they could.

“I think that focusing on brain teasers and other logical tasks like this has been an ideal way for people to de-stress and, for folks in self isolation, keep the boredom at bay.”

Those purchasing the Impossible puzzle as a gift can choose between five different difficulty levels, ranging from an “easy” 9 piece jigsaw to an “insane” 330 piece option.

Meanwhile, those who want to literally make the puzzle impossible are able to request between 1 and 10 extra pieces are added to the box. They can even ask for a surprise quantity of surplus pieces.

Rob Harbord
Rob Harbord – MD at Always Personal.

“The most popular jigsaw requested is the second hardest option of 150 pieces,” said Rob. “And only one in twenty people are mean enough to add the extra pieces.”

Online gift businesses such as Always Personal have thrived since the UK was plunged into a lockdown period and the nation has needed to rely more on the delivery of presents from online stores.

Hull based Always Personal, who specialise in the personalisation of gifts, have subsequently seen a 160% rise in revenue, compared to the same period in 2019, as a result of the impossible puzzle’s popularity.

“The last few months have been a difficult time for so many people and we’ve been really lucky to play our part in helping some of them through it,” commented Rob.

“The gifts we have provided have helped to put a much-needed smile on people’s faces. Some of our customers have wanted to mark a birthday, anniversary or new birth during this time.

“Others meanwhile have simply wanted to bring joy to a loved one who is in isolation and let them know, despite their distance, that they haven’t forgotten about them.”

Website: Always Personal

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