Joe Geraghty and ‘Sound of the Sinners’

Sound of the Sinners
Book Four in Nick Quantrill’s Joe Gareaghty series, ‘ Sound of the Sinners’.

Crime author Nick Quantrill writes:

I thought I was finished with Joe Geraghty. I’d written three books with him in the starring role, a self-contained trilogy, which also captured the ridiculous rate of change being experienced in our shared home city of Hull.

‘Broken Dreams’ opens with Joe working in a detective agency with his mentor, Don Ridley, and Don’s daughter, Sarah. Struggling to find a place for himself, it’s something that increasingly gnaws away at him throughout the novel and into ‘The Late Greats’. By the time we reach the end of ‘The Crooked Beat’, Joe is walking off into the distance with his world burning down around him, no idea where the road is going to take him. Sensing it was the end, I wrote other things and other characters. But when Fahrenheit decided to bring the trilogy back into print with the amazing inter-locking covers, a seed was planted. Maybe I could play fast and loose with rules and write a fourth in the trilogy?

It was an interesting challenge. A few years have passed for Joe, so I had to figure stuff out. What’s he been doing since we last saw him? Where’s he been living? ‘No Direction Home’, the first #Fahrenzine, helped to flesh this out for me, but the big question remained… what would bring him back to Hull? It had to be something big, something that would shake his world up. The starting point for ‘Sound of the Sinners’ is Don’s death in a hit and run incident at a remote location just outside of the city’s boundary. Was it an accident or was it something much darker? The police might be non-committal, but Joe instinctively knows. Don had called him, reluctantly asking for his help. Joe didn’t pick up the message in time, but returning to the city, he learns the call related to a case Don had investigated decades previously. If it cost Don his life, he’s going to find out the truth.

Going back to Joe was a challenge for me, but also an opportunity. The first three books charted Hull’s journey from ‘UK Crap Town’ to ‘UK City of Culture’, an extraordinary gift to a writer looking for a backdrop. ‘Sound of the Sinners’ picks up that thread and looks at what happened next, who the winners and losers were. It’s a conversation between Joe and a northern city that continues to search for a new identity. It’s also a fresh start for Joe and myself, and due to the standalone nature of the story, it’s the perfect place to jump in and start reading.

‘Sound of the Sinners’ is published by Fahrenheit Press, 21st August.

Pre-order via (paperback, hardback, ebook) and receive a free download of ‘No Direction Home’, a Joe Geraghty short story.

Nick Quantrill

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