John Cracknell Youth Enterprise Bank issues 100th emergency business support grant

The John Cracknell Youth Enterprise Bank (JCYEB) has now given out more than 100 emergency business grants to support enterprising young people since the start of the coronavirus outbreak, giving them a boost to their financial stability.

Over 100 of Hull’s young entrepreneurs have now received emergency financial support from the John Cracknell Youth Enterprise Bank. Stock photo.

67 emergency business grants and 45 small support grants have been presented by JCYEB to the young people that have applied, thanks to the funds that it raised from local businesses such as RB and Springfield Training, individuals, Hull City Council Branch of Unison, local charities, and £40,000 from Hull City Council.

The Youth Enterprise Bank had established the Emergency Grant Scheme fund in response to the Covid crisis and the fund is managed through the JCYEB members’ panel. Hull City Council has supported the Youth Bank initiative from the beginning, having contributed crucial financial support that helped secure private sector businesses support in the city, and help to recruit mentors from across the UK.

All the young people that have been supported fell into a category that are not eligible for the Government initiatives. The Youth Bank funding has usually been the only financial help the young person has received, helping them through these difficult times. As well as the grant they are also designated a business mentor to offer additional advice and guidance.

Cloie Hockney received financial support from the JCYEB and said: “Oh wow, that’s amazing news thank you so much Charles! I cannot thank you enough for your continued support!”

Sergej Komkov, of Komkovart, also received financial support from JCYEB and said: “This is the best news this week. I am over the moon with the fact that I can just carry on with my passion and produce even more quality work. Thank you very much and I will keep you posted with the progress.”

[Charles Cracknell – John Cracknell Youth Enterprise Bank]