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The live chat facility on The Alcohol and Drug Service (ADS) website will be live from Monday 13 July, 11:00-13:00.

An alcohol and drug recovery charity is launching a live chat facility to manage the number of people seeking advice following lockdown.

New enquiries into the service can easily communicate via the live chat facility on The Alcohol and Drug Service (ADS) website, which will be live from Monday 13 July, 11:00-13:00.

ADS say it is too early for the sector to provide official figures on the increase in alcohol consumption throughout the lockdown period, although referrals and direct enquiries to the charity have risen throughout the service area.

This includes people concerned about a family member who appears to be drinking too much, as well as those enquiring about personal drinking habits and drug use.

Tim Young, Chief Executive of The Alcohol and Drug Service says: “Patterns of use of both alcohol and drugs have changed throughout the pandemic. Supply has been affected, social situations have changed dramatically and many people have been isolated, bored and stressed. We know there are some people struggling and are concerned they have somewhere to turn.

“We suspected alcohol consumption would see a rise throughout this time, simply because people have more time on their hands, less opportunity to be active and less need to drive. General consumption does seem to have increased and this is highlighted by the growing number of enquiries we receive.

“It’s not just alcohol but there has also been a reported increase in the use of some other drugs. The implementation of confinement and social distancing measures has had an effect and the disruption of supplies has brought other complications for people using.

“For the last few years we have run a successful live chat facility for users of Image and Performance Enhancing Drugs (IPEDs), including anabolic steroids – users contact us anonymously for information and advice. This is a similar service for people who are drinking and using drugs.

“We have friendly experts on-line to offer support and advice. They will be available live from 13 July, Monday to Friday between 11.00–13.00. If there is the demand, we will extend the availability. Questions posted at other times will also receive a response.”

Live chat will be available here –

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