Local Hull charity – Run With It – providing positivity to hundreds of school children

Run With It supports schools and young people to improve literacy and numeracy alongside improving key work based skills, raising confidence and instilling self-belief. 

Run With It has been able to reach over 240 young people in schools in Hull and the East Riding over the past 10 weeks.
Run With It has been able to reach over 240 young people in schools in Hull and the East Riding over the past 10 weeks.

Usually based at the KCOM Stadium, the Run With It team have responded to the negative effects of the global pandemic by delivering programmes directly to children in their schools, supporting them academically and improving their mental health and wellbeing. 

Run With It has been able to reach over 240 young people in schools in Hull and the East Riding over the past 10 weeks. All pupils have received up to 20 hours of targeted intervention.

With over five months of lost school days, extra support for both students and school staff is vital.  Run With It have delivered educational support programmes to pupils directly in school. The focused support is fun, imaginative and uses practical ways of delivering numeracy and literacy, they have taken the stadium into the classroom!  This not only offers the students extra support with the curriculum but also really fun and engaging sessions helping to motivate, inspire and re-engage them back into learning. This then positively impacts their mental health and well-being, rebuilding their confidence and self esteem.

Run With It has provided a much needed distraction during an unprecedented and challenging time for our pupils. It is clear to see the positive impact upon their mental health and wellbeing. There is an obvious increase in confidence and self-esteem of the children involved, which benefits them in other aspects of school life,” said Lucy Fletcher, Longhill Primary School.

These sessions not only allow children the opportunity to catch up on topics or bridge gaps in their knowledge missed due to the COVID 19 crisis, but also allows staff in schools to focus their attention on other small groups who may be falling behind.  The programme also re-engages children in the learning process whilst giving them something to look forward to each week which is incredibly important for their mental wellbeing during these strange and uncertain times.

“The sessions have provided the teachers and teaching assistants with an additional time in which they can deliver targeted interventions to provide the children with the support they require to enable them to catch up with the curriculum.  The children are always enthusiastic when they are attending their sessions with Aaron and Kate and have formed positive relationships. We hope to continue to work with the team,” said Natalie Dodds, Swanland Primary School.

The catch up programme runs over 10 weeks and gives children up to 20 hours of focussed learning. This involves activities such as virtual stadium tours, interactive quiz sessions, taking the professional clubs retail outlets into school for money problem solving activities, estimating the size of the KCOM Stadium pitch and measuring it out on the school playground, designing products for sale in the club shops and developing a sales pitch (persuasive writing)  to go with it, planning a day out at the KCOM Stadium – involving both maths, planning and literacy skills, as well as many different fun and educational games and practical activities.

“Run With It takes pride in supporting local schools and young people.  In a year which has been filled with such negativity and uncertainty it has been a real positive that Run With it, with the support of schools, local businesses, funders and trustees, have been able to adapt and deliver their programmes providing some much needed support, positivity and fun for local schools and their students.  It’s been a challenging year but the team has stepped to the plate and delivered over and above what we could have expected, I’m incredibly proud of us all,” said Lisa Dawson, Director of Run With It.

Website: https://www.runwithithull.co.uk

[Lisa Dawson – Run With It]