Local small jewellery business launches new collection

Eternal Craft channels a daughter’s grief to bring joy as it expands with its own website and a brand new floral collection.

In May 2020, Hull-born creator and artist Emma Smith suffered a heartbreak with the loss of her mother, Julie Taylor-Broadbent, to COVID-19. Due to the restrictions in place the grieving process for Emma and the family was hindered and they were unable to be together. Having been experimenting with epoxy resin for some time, when her mother’s wife indicated an interest in cremation jewellery, Emma offered to help avoid the high costs charged by large businesses by creating it herself.

After a warm and tearful response to her work, and some gentle encouragement from family and friends, Emma opened her online shop, Eternal Craft, to produce memorial jewellery, breastmilk and costume jewellery and trinkets professionally. The name was devised based on her desire to keep her mum’s memory alive forever.

Throughout 2020 she built up her brand, working with her husband Jake to build a friendly, personal style of marketing which reflected her personality. Her work continued to receive rave reviews from customers all over the country.

However, in April 2021, Etsy informed Emma that several items had been removed from her shop as, due to a sudden policy change, they now forbid the selling of human remains and fluids. They demanded she check the remainder of her products and remove those which broke these new rules. She did not receive a refund for her listing fees.

Never one to be discouraged, Emma decided to make use of her husband’s experience in web design and marketing and launch her own website which would be tailored specifically to her brand and allow her to sell whatever her creativity allowed.

The Eternal Craft brand is run completely by Emma and Jake, with Emma handling designs and creation of the product, and Jake running marketing and communications.

Exploring new territory – The website launch

The website, designed and created by Jake A Smith, launched on Saturday 1st May 2021. It features a design which keeps with the Eternal Crafts branding, which in turn is based on Emma’s long-held interest in goth culture. All products are modelled by Emma herself, who features as the face of the brand, helping to emphasise Eternal Craft’s home-made feel.

What the future holds – The Only Natural Collection

Branching out from cremation and breastmilk rings, Eternal Craft announced its new Only Natural collection on Monday 3rd May 2021. The collection features handmade jewellery containing real dried flowers set in resin.
The Jaguar Set consists of earrings, bracelet and pendant made with dried Chrysanthemum in Jaguar Purple.

The Cornflower Duo consists of a pair of earrings containing dried lavender and cornflower with a matching coaster set also available. Finally, the limited edition Tulip Ring is made from delicately trimmed and dried tulip petal set in perfectly clear resin.

The Collection will be on sale from 1st June, and photos of the production are being released on the company social platforms throughout May.

[Jake Smith – jasmithwrites.com]