Lockdown provides perfect opportunity to create fantasy drinking card game

A man from Hull says lockdown has provided him with the perfect opportunity to develop his new epic fantasy drinking card game, which he hopes will soon become a household name.

Ben Underwood, 29, got the inspiration after he and a group of friends ran into problems trying to come up with drinking games together before a night out, which were exciting enough to hold their attention but also simple enough for everyone to jump onboard with. 

He combined a solution to this problem, with his love of all things fantasy, to create Night Quest, an epic adventure full of games and challenges that promises to keep people laughing all “knight” long. 

“I started everything just as we were moving into lockdown, it was the spark that I actually needed to get this off the ground,” said Ben. 

“I was never on furlough, but after work there was no travel time as I didn’t need to go back and forth between the office, and because I couldn’t see anybody and had to stay at home, I could work on things like this, which was a real blessing in disguise.” 

“I think pushing forward with the game was something that kept me really positive throughout lockdown.” 

The game draws on inspiration from the likes of Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh cards, but also hopes to be a real household name in the drinking game world. 

It transports players to the land of Eldon for the ultimate adventure, where they battle it out in mini-games to earn the title of Brewmaster and get their hands on the Cursed Cup. 

“I imagined that in this fantasy world you and your friends would have to fight things like a cyclops or maybe you’d fall into a pit of scorpions,” adds Ben. “I wanted to translate this into an actual game that is true to the fantasy world I created.

“For example, if you came into contact with a cyclops, you could have a staring contest to try and intimidate him and make him run away in order to win the card.” 

Ben and the team need to raise £7,600 through pledges on Kickstarter by 7pm on Sunday 27 June in order to be funded to print 2,000 Night Quest decks. The Kickstarter launches on Friday 28 May. 

To sign up to the Kickstarter and for more information, please visit www.nightquest.co.uk 

You can also follow Night Quest on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.