London Marathon Challenge to create a sensory room for children at Hull Eye Hospital

Chief Finance Officer for Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, Lee Bond, who is preparing to run the London Marathon.

Hospital executive, Lee Bond, is about to embark on the challenge of a lifetime as he bids to run the London marathon and raise £10,000 for the WISHH (Working Independently to Support Hull Hospitals) charity.

WISHH raises support for Hull Royal Infirmary and Castle Hill Hospital. The funds will enable the opening of a sensory room for children with additional needs including Autism, ADHD, ADD, or for children experiencing anxiety or trauma attending the Hull and East Yorkshire Eye Hospital.

Each year, the Eye Hospital cares for 15,000 children, delivering a range of acute, routine and tertiary acute services including consultation, specialised imaging and diagnostics, elective and emergency medical and surgical treatments, follow up care, monitoring of eye conditions and delivery of long term treatment programmes.

Paediatric Nurse Rebecca Eldon, with examples of the sensory items that will help children to be more comfortable with their hospital visits.

Creating a sensory room will provide much needed stimulation and help calm and distract children attending the eye clinic, helping to ensure the experience of coming to the hospital is as easy as possible for children with additional needs and their parents/carers. Equipment in the sensory room will include light displays and projections, bubble tubes, wall decorations, sensory toys, music and other features. It will be located in the Paediatric Pod at the Eye Hospital where parents and their children can spend time together prior to surgery and follow up treatment.

As Chief Finance Officer for Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, Lee Bond knows a thing or two about balancing the books but has less experience when it comes to running a marathon. Following a slight injury he began training this month and says that having a clear target has given him the focus he needs to complete the world famous race.

“When they asked me to help the charity by taking part in a fundraising run they said I needed to get to 10k, which sounded nice and easy. What I didn’t realise was they meant £10,000 and I’d be taking part in the London Marathon! I do exercise a fair bit and I’m used to mountain biking but this is a different level of fitness altogether. I’m managing to run about 10k at present and I’m optimistic that I’ve got enough time to get my fitness up to where it needs to be by Spring next year. 

“Knowing what the money will help us to achieve is a huge incentive as it will make a big difference to our younger patients with additional needs. Having such a large target is a little daunting but at the same time it gives us something to aim at and we have over six months to appeal to local people for their support. As a trustee for the WISHH charity I’ve seen in the past how generous our local population is and I’m sure they will support WISHH and get behind this campaign.”

Mr Colin Vize is the Clinical Director for Ophthalmology at Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. 

“Children are understandably anxious when they come to hospital. When they have additional needs this anxiety can be more profound and therefore it’s important that we can offer them support and stimulation to make them feel at ease. The sensory room will contain projections, calming music and sensory toys all of which we know helps them and their families to relax when they are in hospital and this makes it easy for us to deliver the care they need. We’re really grateful to the WISHH charity and especially to Lee for the effort he is making on behalf of our patients. I will certainly be sponsoring him and encouraging others to do the same.”

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To find out more and to support the work of the WISHH Charity contact Lisa Whitton, Charity Manager 01482 622299 or Email: 

[Lisa Whitton – WISHH]

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