Meetup at the Market for a chat about health and wellbeing

PODCAST: 15 minutes

The Health and Wellbeing Board are launching a new ‘engagement’ initiative, to gather the public’s thoughts regarding all things health and wellbeing.

In this podcast for HULL IS THIS, NHS Hull CCG Engagement Manager Matthew Fawcett and University of Hull Lecturer Gill Hughes shed some light on how this initiative has come about, and what it will be doing.

Developed and delivered in partnership with #thehullwewant, the new engagement strand is an ongoing conversation with the people of Hull. Its aim is to give the public an opportunity to feedback their thoughts about health and wellbeing, identifying priorities for future work, creating opportunities to reduce inequalities, and helping the city’s population to be healthier and happier.

Matthew said: “Health and wellbeing is a by-product of many different things. Education, environment, employment, finance – these all have a detrimental effect or a positive effect on health and wellbeing, as does health and wellbeing on them. This is about a really broad conversation that will impact on health and wellbeing, and a very broad range of things.”

Gill Hughes, director of the #thehullwewant project, said: “We want to turn people’s needs and dreams into action, that relates to policy action and service provision. We want to bring people’s voices into policy decision-making, because their voices are often missing in that space. Local people are the experts about their lived experience, no-one else knows what it’s like to live their lives.”

A public launch event, the Meetup in the Market, will take place on Wednesday 11th March, 10am to 2pm, at Trinity Market in Hull’s old town.

Meetup at the Market poster
The Meetup at the Market event, organised by NHS Hull Clinical Commissioning Group’s Engagement Manager, Matthew Fawcett.

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Twitter: @thehullwewant

[Jerome Whittingham – Editor, HULL IS THIS]

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