Micro Biz Matters Day to celebrate small businesses


Hull City Council, supported by the John Cracknell Youth Enterprise Bank and KCOM, is to play a significant part in #MicroBizMatters Day on January 11th to celebrate the contribution made by Micro Businesses to the UK Economy. As part of the day, micro businesses across the UK are being encouraged to give 11 minutes of their time to support other micro businesses.

#MicroBizMatters Day 2019 is the only annual day of recognition, action and learning for micro business owners anywhere, for those that employ 0 to 9 or turnover up to £2 million annually. Being part of this rocking day is only a click away! Decide how you will be part of the #MicroBizMatters Day phenomenon then start spreading the word!

The base for Micro Biz Matters Day is The Guildhall, Hull at which the organisers will host a number of on line sessions relating to Family Business, Freelance Heroes – any young people who fit in freelance category, Makers, Creators or Manufacturers, Network of Networks – featuring heads of effective network groups in Hull, Let us Entertain You, and a section for female micro-biz owners to outline their stories. Some of the individuals and micro businesses involved are Hannah and Sue from Inspire Ignite, Leah from Amethyst Cleaning, Ben Robinson Prehistoric Hull, Sophie Green of Seams Impossible, Phil Ascough, Ross Bennett Engaging Education, T Arran Photography, Janet Adamson and 15 year old Millie Notarantonio of Millie Rose, as well as Charles Cracknell and Mike Notarantonio Youth Enterprise Network Champions.

The day will also be packed with content with a number of interesting workshops delivered by the Forum of Private Business, Federation of Small Businesses, International Association of Book keepers on topics such as on Late Payments, Digital Taxation, Why are indie bookkeepers micro business owners best friends, Restore the High Street. There will be networking opportunities as well as meeting and seeing the products and services of some up and coming young entrepreneurs. All this will be happening whilst the online interviews are being broadcast live via various social media platforms.

Councillor Daren Hale, Deputy Leader Hull City Council, said:

“ I am pleased that the 5th Micro Biz Matters Day 2019 is to be held in Hull and it’s fantastic that young entrepreneurs in Hull from the Making Changes for Careers Programme (MC4C) are supporting Micro Biz Day 2019 by playing an active part in the day in showcasing their businesses alongside established micro businesses in the City. Hull’s involvement in this annual day of recognition, action and learning further illustrates our commitment to micro businesses in general and youth entrepreneurship in particular, we are also delighted to be able to welcome the Small Business Commissioner Paul Uppal to Micro Biz Matters Day.”

Tina Boden Founder of Enterprise Rockers and Micro Biz Day, said:

“We are delighted that Hull, through its work in supporting micro businesses and young entrepreneurs in particular, will be hosting us on the 11th of January 2019 as part of ‘MicroBizMatters Day, on the day hundreds of thousands of micro business owners – we really hope it will be 1 million – will be giving 11 minutes (or more) of their time to help other micro business owners somewhere in the world. The three main areas of focus for #IGave11 minutes of action to help other micro enterprise owners are Customers, Cash flow and Confidence.”

Ross Bennett Chair Hull and East Riding Youth Enterprise Partnership, said:

“Young people who set up in a business are just like any other person that does apart from one key fact that there is a tendency for organisations and large businesses not to take them seriously yet, but they, like all micro businesses, are playing a vital role in ensuring that our economy turns the corner. Britain’s micro businesses in general and younger entrepreneurs in particular are almost twice as optimistic about the future growth of their business compared to older peers.

“So in a nutshell, it’s not always about high growth and expansion for young people, it’s about enjoying what they are doing and many are wanting to put back into their community, not because it’s the trendy thing to do but because it’s the right thing to do and for that reason I am pleased that so many young people are making a contribution to #MicroBizMattersDay 2019.”

Website: www.microbizmatters.co.uk

[Charles Cracknell – City Youth Enterprise Manager, Hull City Council]