New street names at Poppy Fields development honour Hull’s history

Students from Cottingham High School were asked to choose names for the new streets in the housing development.

A new housing development in Cottingham, Poppy Fields, is soon to be launched by Barratt Homes. Working in partnership with students from Cottingham High School, new streets have been named in commemoration of Hull veterans of the World Wars. 

The development, which will officially launch on 27th March at Skidby Mill, Cottingham, is respectfully named with the World Wars in mind, tying in elements of Hull’s wartime history. Poppy Fields is inspired by the famous war poem, “In Flanders Fields”, written during the First World War.

A group of students from Cottingham High School were invited to name a selection of the new streets, researching local wartime history, war poems and Hull veterans to inspire their suggestions.

Examples of the street names chosen by the school include Oppy Wood, inspired by a battle fought by the Hull Pals in May 1917, some of whom resided in Cottingham. Other street names include Jack Harrison Avenue and Albert Court, named in memory of fallen Hull veterans.

Peter Brookes, Area Improvement Leader for Humanities at Cottingham High School, commented: “We would like to thank Barratt Homes for providing us with such a fantastic opportunity to take part in this educational, community project. Our students really enjoyed coming together and researching local wartime history, war poems and Hull veterans to come up with the street names. We look forward to seeing the street names officially appear on the site.”

Paul Wharam, Technical Director at Barratt Homes Yorkshire East, commented: “We are excited to launch Poppy Fields and would like to thank Cottingham High School for their inspired street name contributions, as well as the local council for their cooperation.”

For more information about Barratt Homes’ Poppy Fields development, visit or call 0333 355 8466.

[Nathan Carr – ilk agency]