NHS Recovery College to offer courses online

As the new year takes hold, the NHS Recovery College has a wide range of courses, podcasts and sessions available.

The Recovery College offers a range of self-paced e-courses and live video call sessions on its e-learning platform. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the courses were available in community venues throughout Hull and East Yorkshire. To make the service accessible to everyone during the pandemic, NHS Recovery College can now be accessed online.

NHS Recovery College believes in education as a route to recovery. Although the courses are designed for people experiencing mental health difficulties, their offer is open to everyone.

Weekly sessions return on Tuesday 4 January with Wellbeing through Creativity, but there are plenty of other options to choose from. Perhaps you’d like to chat, or want to develop your creative writing. Maybe you would like to learn how to avoid online scams, learn more about autism, or are considering taking up Tai Chi? The full schedule is available online, or you can join the NHS Recovery College team online on 4 January to explore the term.

All courses, sessions and podcasts are free of charge, and provided via the NHS Recovery College’s new online platform. Simply register to enrol in any of the sessions.

When it becomes possible to safely and confidently deliver face-to-face sessions again, courses will be offered both online and in person.  Make this year one for exploring your wellbeing and recovery with NHS Recovery College.