‘Ordinary guy’ completes multiple Ironman challenges to support cancer patients

Real-life action man conquers multi Ironman challenges to support cancer patients
Real-life action man Ede Bone has completed multiple Ironman challenges to support cancer patients and nursing staff.

A Hull man has faced a multitude of challenges to raise funds to support Ward 32 at the Queen’s Centre at Castle Hill Hospital, making a difference to patients receiving treatment for cancer.

Inspired by the work undertaken on the ward experienced by his family members and supported by the Hospital’s WISHH Charity, Ede Bone wanted to complete a series of challenges to support nursing staff and give comfort to the patients and their families.

Ede said: “This is what drives me to put one foot in front of the other and complete the challenges for those that never could.”

Through his sheer grit and determination, Ede has raised a fantastic £2,348.

Ede Bone during an Ironman event in Wales.
Ede Bone during an Ironman event in Wales.

Ede is not one to shy away from a challenge. In 2018, he completed three Iron Distance Triathlons, combining 7.2 miles of swimming, 336 miles of cycling and 78.6 miles of running, and an extra 3 Ultra Marathons at a total of 132 miles running. He took part in the Lakesman, Ironman and Outlaw challenges but that wasn’t enough for Ede who then followed this up with a mammoth Ultra Marathon which saw him running back and forth over the Humber Bridge facing the elements and sleep deprivation for 36 hours in what was billed as ‘Hell On The Humber’.

For some people this would be enough but not for Ede who says ‘if you conquer a mountain, you go find a bigger one’, and that he definitely did.

In 2019, he decided to challenge himself again by completing five Ironman challenges – 2 in a week, 3 in a month, 4 in 40 days, and 5 in 3 months. That’s an incredible 12 miles of swimming, 560 miles of cycling and 131 miles of running, and an extra Ultra Marathon of 36 miles.

Ede has further plans for the year ahead and is in training that will culminate in a penultimate challenge in 2021 of DecaUK, 10 x Ironman events in 10 days!

Ede doesn’t believe he’s a hero choosing to describe himself as an ordinary guy, nothing special and just looking to make a difference, but WISHH disagree.

“He’s a hero to all of us here at WISHH Charity and Hull Hospitals, and his donation will make a difference to the patients and loved ones at the Queen’s Centre. Ede is a fantastic example of how ordinary people can become extraordinary and make a massive difference to those in need,” said Lisa Whitton, Manager at WISHH.

To support Ede, read more about his fantastic story visit https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/summet2doinit

If you would like to support the work of the WISHH Charity contact Lisa Whitton, Charity Manager 01482 622299 or Email: lisa.whitton@hey.nhs.uk

Follow @WISHHCharity on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

[Lisa Whitton – WISHH]

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