Organisations work together to fight hunger and food waste in Hull

OLIO and FareShare Hull & Humber launch campaign to fight hunger and food waste across the city
OLIO and FareShare Hull & Humber launch campaign to fight hunger and food waste across the city.

OLIO, Hull’s neighbour to neighbour food sharing app, has partnered with food charity FareShare Hull & Humber to encourage users to share spare food or household items to save them from going to waste – with a meal provided to a vulnerable person in the local community for every item shared.

In return for every item that is shared on the app within the local community, OLIO Hull has pledged to donate the costs of a meal to FareShare Hull & Humber, the region’s biggest surplus food charity – which accesses and redistributes fresh surplus food to frontline charities across the region. Projects signed up to FareShare include school breakfast clubs, homeless shelters and community centres – all providing meals to people at risk of hunger, loneliness or isolation.

The aim of the campaign is to encourage everyone to think more seriously about their household waste. According to new data, a massive 70% of all food waste takes place in the home, with the average UK family throwing away £700 of food in 2018, collectively adding up to £14 billion. The importance of these statistics is highlighted by research from Project Drawdown which claims that reducing food waste is the third most impactful thing people can do to fight the climate crisis, above solar power and electric cars. OLIO is therefore encouraging households to think more carefully about what they can do to limit waste going into landfill.

Since arriving in Hull in 2018, OLIO – the world’s only neighbour-to-neighbour food sharing app – has made huge progress in stamping out food waste in the city. As of December 2019, their running total of food saved from landfill reached a whopping 127,560 portions, equating to 25.5 tonnes of surplus food.

Louisa Ingleson and Cara Bilson.
Louisa Ingleson and Cara Bilson.

Cara Bilson, Hull’s Coordinator for OLIO said: “While the app and our amazing volunteer force of Food Waste Heroes work hard at combating food waste in the city, we’ve noticed more and more of the waste we are receiving is from local businesses rather than households. That is why we have set up this campaign, to get people enthusiastic about sharing their spare, knowing that they’ll also be doing something really great for the local community.

“In the modern world when life moves so quickly, it’s hard to blame anyone for not being completely on the ball with their waste. As hard as we may try, sometimes circumstances are outside of our control. That’s why OLIO is a fantastic solution for households. You can quickly and easily share food with someone close to you, providing an easy alternative to putting something in the bin!”

Louisa Ingleson, Development Manager at FareShare Hull & Humber, said: “FareShare Hull & Humber saves more than 400 tonnes of surplus food from waste each year – enough to provide over 900,000 meals for people in need.

“Official statistics show more than a third of children are growing up in poverty whilst over a third of all food produced in the world goes to waste. We believe good food should feed people first, which is why we are pleased to partner with OLIO Hull to reduce food waste whilst also combating hunger in the city.”

The campaign to help OLIO and FareShare stop waste and feed vulnerable people in the local community lasts until Friday the 28th of February. Hull residents can simply head over to the OLIO app and add a listing of food or household items that they no longer need to join in.

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