Philip Larkin Conference to Arrive in Hull

A new conference on Hull-based poet Philip Larkin will take place at the Hull History Centre on Thursday 13 and Friday 14th June.

The event will feature a series of insightful talks given by the leading researchers of Larkin’s life and writing, a reading by local poet Vicky Foster, and a Larkin-inspired tour Hull.

Organisers say that they are keen to make the conference welcoming to the general public, especially Hull locals interested in their literary heritage.

“This event is not just a celebration of one of England’s greatest poets,” says Rebecca Devine, University of Hull. “It’s also a chance to come together and celebrate the cultural heritage of the city.”

Born in Coventry, Larkin was later appointed librarian of Hull University’s Brynmor Jones Library where he worked for thirty years. His contribution to the library is still widely celebrated, and from there he wrote some of his most famous poetry collections, including The Whitsun Weddings (1964) and High Windows (1974). 

In 1984, he was offered the position of Poet Laureate, although he declined the role. In 2008, The Times named Larkin as Britain’s greatest post-war poet.  

The Philip Larkin: Personality, Poetry, Prose is now open for Registration. The conference will begin from 10am on Thursday 13th of June, and will conclude with a Larkin-themed city tour at 3pm on Friday 14th. 

Tickets are priced at £30 (waged) and £10 (students/unwaged), and includes access to the panel presentations, refreshments, a conference lunch catered by The Hull Pie Bakery and wine reception. 

The ticket price will also include entry to a poetry reading by the acclaimed Vicky Foster, whose latest collection Bathwater is published by the Wrecking Ball Press.

Attendees can choose to join the Conference dinner on Thursday night at The Barrow Boys, by Hull Marina, with an additional £10 deposit.

Tickets are available from the conference website:

Conference organisers can be contacted at the following email address:

[Felicity Powell]