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The Deep, Hull
Hull, UK. Photo: Jerome Whittingham @photomoments

“Since you’re here…”

HULL IS THIS is established as a respected and much-loved news project in Hull.

The project has influenced the news media locally, and even attracted attention nationally – with the message that news can be more constructive, solutions-focused, and positive.

The editor, 2nd from left, was invited to speak at NewsRewired conference, 6th March 2019, at Reuters HQ, London. “HULL IS THIS is the vitamins, not the fibre, in people’s daily news diet,” he said.

We’re making a difference, showing how our city can be vibrant and forward-thinking, with its unique northern character – but there’s so much more we could do.

Please help us to develop further.

Our focus for after coronavirus lockdown is to create more opportunity for minority groups to exercise their voices, influencing how our city develops.

Your help is needed to take this project to the next level, you are invited to become a H.I.T. Patron.

What do you get?

  • a warm glow in your heart knowing that you’re helping to sustain a constructive news platform for Hull that aims to help the city, and its communities and enterprises, to continue to develop.
  • access to H.I.T. Patron exclusive content, where you’ll find insights into this project’s work, behind-the-scenes photos & podcasts, regular updates about how is doing, and what is being planned next.
  • invites to exclusive H.I.T. Patron Meet The Editor & Contributors events, where you can tell us what you like and don’t like about, influencing how the project develops.

News on the site will always be freely available to readers, but H.I.T. Patrons will get a little ‘insider’ knowledge from the editor and others that are making this project happen.

Your support will help us to produce more content which is exclusive to, commissioning local freelancers to create constructive stories that meet our mission aim, whilst covering core editorial and publishing costs.

Regular costs we incur include:

  • £10 per month, Audioboom podcast hosting & distribution.
  • £12 per month, public liability, legal, and volunteer insurance.
  • £15 per month, Zoom video-conferencing.
  • £20 per month, website domain & hosting, including Content Management System & essential plugins.

When funds make it possible to commission content, we pay freelancers £100 per 1,000 words – pro rata. We love to support our city’s freelancers!

With you as a Patron we’ll make an even bigger impact!


Jerome, The Editor

NB: No Paypal account is required, hit the GREY Pay By Credit/Debit Card button on the left when you get to the payment page, then you can enter your card details – and opt NOT to create a PayPal account. Simple.

(If, for some reason, you DO NOT want to become a H.I.T. Patron, but still want to support HULL IS THIS journalism, you can make a simple one-off donation using the DONATE button in the footer of the website. Receipts and invoices can be arranged for corporate sponsors too)


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