Podcast: Dyslexia, it’s a creative gift.

Throughout October – Dyslexia Awareness Month – we’ve been digging a little deeper to explore what dyslexia is, and how it impacts upon life.

In this podcast episode, HULL IS THIS editor Jerome Whittingham assembles a Creative Briefs panel to recap on conversations we’ve had together this month, looking at how dyslexia changes education, entrepreneurship, emotions, and employment.

PODCAST: 27 minutes.

Junior designers at Creative Briefs, a Hull-based community interest company that inspires the next generation of creative professionals.

The panel joining Jerome are: Josh, featured in our video ‘Dyslexia Day to Day’; Yasmin, Creative Briefs project manager; and Jason and Rebecca, Creative Briefs directors.

Website: Creative Briefs.

[Jerome Whittingham @photomoments]

Commissioned by Creative Briefs.